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Drop Shot Explorer Attack Padel Racket

Drop Shot Explorer Attack Padel Racket

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The Drop Shot Explorer Attack Padel Racket is designed for the passionate padel player who seeks a perfect blend of precision and power in every shot. This racket is the ultimate tool for those who play aggressively yet demand the finesse and control to dominate the game.

Key Features:

🎾 Optimized Shape:

With its diamond shape, the Explorer Attack offers a higher sweet spot, ensuring maximum power while still allowing for control during aggressive plays.

🎾 Innovative Materials:

Made from a blend of carbon fiber and high-quality EVA rubber, the racket is both durable and lightweight, providing an impeccable feel on every hit.

🎾 Enhanced Grip:

A strategically designed handle ensures a comfortable grip, minimizing vibrations and maximizing responsiveness, enabling quicker reflexes.

🎾 Power-boosting Frame:

The unique frame design provides an enhanced rigidity that translates into powerful smashes without compromising on control.

🎾 Stunning Design:

Apart from performance, the aesthetic of the Explorer Attack is unmatched with its sleek, modern design and striking color contrasts, ensuring you stand out on the court.

Quick Facts

  • Weight: Approximately 365-380 grams
  • Balance: Head heavy
  • Shape: Diamond
  • Core: High-density EVA rubber
  • Frame: 100% Carbon Fiber
  • Surface: Carbon 3k face material. Textured for improved spin


  • Improved smash power with its diamond shape and rigid frame.
  • Enhanced ball control, allowing for precise placements and strategic gameplay.
  • Reduced arm fatigue, thanks to its lightweight and vibration-dampening design.
  • Boosted spin potential with its textured surface.

Final Thoughts:

The Drop Shot Explorer Attack Padel Racket is not just another racket; it's an extension of the player's ambition. Crafted for those who aim to conquer the court with a blend of raw power and meticulous control, this racket will be your trusted ally in every game. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an enthusiastic amateur, the Explorer Attack will elevate your padel game to new heights.  

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