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Drop Shot Legend BT Beach Tennis Racket

Drop Shot Legend BT Beach Tennis Racket

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Step onto the beach tennis court with confidence and dominate the game with the Drop Shot Legend BT Beach Tennis Racket. Specifically designed for beach tennis enthusiasts, this racket offers a blend of precision, control, and power to make every shot count.

Key Features:

🎾 High-Quality Construction:

Crafted with premium materials, the Legend BT guarantees durability, allowing you to play aggressively without worries.

🎾 Optimal Balance:

Achieve the perfect balance between control and power with its carefully designed weight distribution. Whether you're smashing or placing a precise drop shot, you'll feel in total command.

🎾 Dynamic Tension:

The advanced string pattern provides consistent tension across the racket face, ensuring maximum energy transfer on every shot.

🎾 Ergonomic Grip:

The non-slip handle ensures a comfortable and tight grip, reducing the risk of the racket turning in your hand during those high-pressure moments.

🎾 Stylish Design:

Stand out on the beach with the sleek and modern aesthetics of the Legend BT, making you both look and feel like a pro.

🎾 Enhanced Playability:

Its design prioritizes player comfort and technique, ensuring you can focus solely on your game.

🎾 Versatile Performance:

Suitable for both beginners and advanced players. Its features cater to a range of skill sets, offering everyone the chance to elevate their game.

🎾 UV Resistance:

Prepared for the harshest sun, the Legend BT's paint and finish resist UV degradation, keeping your racket looking fresh even after many sun-drenched matches.

Quick Facts

  • Material: Carbon / Cubicarbon
  • Weight: 330-355gr
  • Holes: 24
  • Thickness: 22mm
  • Length: 50cm

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re just starting out in beach tennis or looking to upgrade your equipment, the Drop Shot Legend BT Beach Tennis Racket is your companion to success. Get ready to experience a game-changing performance.

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