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Drop Shot Conqueror BT Beach Tennis Racket

Drop Shot Conqueror BT Beach Tennis Racket

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Introducing the Drop Shot Conqueror BT - the next level of power and precision in beach tennis! Tailored for enthusiasts and competitive players alike, this racket is crafted to redefine your beach tennis experience.

Key Features

🎾 Unyielding Power: 

Experience a surge in shot strength thanks to the racket's advanced power distribution mechanism.

🎾 Carbon Tech Frame: 

A lightweight yet robust frame made from premium carbon materials ensures agility, durability, and optimal power delivery with every swing.

🎾 Streamlined Aerodynamics: 

The Conqueror's design reduces air resistance, providing swift racket handling even during the most intense matches.

🎾 Optimized Sweet Spot: 

Mastered for beach tennis, its sweet spot is strategically located to maximize consistent ball impact, allowing players to deliver powerful shots with confidence.

🎾 Vibration Reduction System: 

Reduces shocks and vibrations, ensuring a comfortable grip and better shot accuracy, even during long games.

🎾 Enduring Finish: 

Comes with a resilient edge guard and advanced protective finish, safeguarding it against wear and tear of beach conditions.

🎾 Visually Striking Design: 

Featuring a dynamic blend of oranges, reds and greys with a striking pattern, the Conqueror not only performs but also turns heads on the beach.

Quick Facts

Material: High quality Carbon Fram with Dynamic PowerCore

Weight: 240 - 360 Grams (variable die to natural materials)

Balance: Central - ensuring a blend of power and control

Holes: 24

    Final Thoughts

    The Drop Shot Conqueror Beach Tennis Racket is more than just a racket - it's your trusted companion on the sand court. From high-octane serves to intricate volleys, the Conqueror ensures you have the precision, power, and style you need. Dive deep into the world of beach tennis with the Conqueror by your side!

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