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Drop Shot Tiger 2.0 Beach Tennis Racket

Drop Shot Tiger 2.0 Beach Tennis Racket

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An update to the highly popular 1.0 model, introducing the Drop Shot Tiger 2.0 - the epitome of precision, power, and agility, specifically designed for the rigorous demands of beach tennis. Inspired by the prowess of the tiger, this racket aims to provide players with the confidence to dominate the sandy court.

Key Features:

🎾 Advanced Frame Design:

Crafted from a blend of carbon and high-grade aluminum, the frame offers the perfect balance between durability and lightweight performance.

🎾 Enhanced Sweet Spot:

With its redefined string pattern and tension optimization, the Tiger 2.0 ensures a larger sweet spot for a more forgiving and powerful play.

🎾 Grip Comfort:

A specially engineered grip provides unmatched comfort, preventing slippage even in the sweatiest of matches and ensuring a firm hold.

🎾 Vibration Dampening:

The racket's unique dampening system reduces unnecessary vibrations, enabling pinpoint accuracy and reducing strain on the arm.

🎾 Aerodynamic Fins:

Inspired by the sleek design of a tiger's stride, the aerodynamic fins on the side allow for faster swings and reduced air resistance.

🎾 Bold Aesthetics:

With its tiger-stripe pattern and dynamic color contrast, this racket is not just a sporting tool but a statement piece. Show off your fierce spirit with every serve and smash.

Key Facts:

  • Material: Carbon Composite & High-grade Aluminum
  • Length: 50 cm
  • Thickness: 22cm
  • Spin Coating: Yes
  • Weight: 330g - 360g 
  • Balance: Central
  • Hole Profile: 
  • Recommended for:  Intermediate players seeking a racket that provides a combination of power, precision, and control.

    Final Thoughts

    Elevate Your Game to Predator Levels! With the Drop Shot Tiger 2.0 Beach Tennis Racket in your arsenal, be ready to unleash the beach tennis predator within. Whether you're rallying at the baseline or smashing at the net, the Tiger 2.0 ensures you're always a step ahead of your prey.

    Grab yours today and redefine the beach tennis battleground! 


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