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HEROES Ares Padel Racket

HEROES Ares Padel Racket

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Introducing the HEROES Ares Padel Racket, a game-changer designed for professional-level players who demand a combination of power and control that matches their high-octane game. The Ares, with its innovative design and state-of-the-art materials, is tailored to enhance performance on the padel court, pushing the boundaries of what players can achieve with every shot.

Designed for Power: The Ares is equipped with a hard Eva Black x8 rubber core, specifically chosen for its ability to unleash devastating power. This core allows players to generate explosive shots, giving them the edge in aggressive play and enabling them to dominate opponents with forceful returns.

Advanced Control with New Frame Shape: The new frame shape of the Ares Padel Racket is engineered to offer unparalleled control without sacrificing power. This unique design ensures that players can place their shots with precision, making the Ares an extension of their strategic vision on the court.

Superior Construction for Professional Play: The deck of the Ares is constructed with 18K carbon silver, offering a perfect blend of durability and lightweight performance. This high-quality material ensures that the racket can withstand the rigors of professional play while providing a responsive feel for the ball.

100% Carbon Fiber Frame for Enhanced Stability: The frame of the Ares is made from 100% carbon fiber, providing a sturdy foundation that contributes to both the power and control of the racket. This robust construction guarantees a consistent performance, match after match, allowing players to rely on their Ares racket as their go-to weapon.

Optimized Balance for Versatility: With a medium balance, the Ares Padel Racket strikes an ideal compromise between maneuverability and power. This balance allows players to adapt quickly to changing game situations, from executing precise volleys at the net to powerful smashes from the back of the court.

Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Play: The HEROES Ares is designed with player comfort in mind, featuring a grip and weight distribution that minimize fatigue and maximize playability. At 360 grams (+/- 10 g) and with a thickness of 38 mm, the Ares provides an ergonomic feel that professional players will appreciate during long, intense matches.

Sleek Aesthetic with High-Performance Materials: Beyond its technical prowess, the Ares boasts a sleek aesthetic, characterized by its 2 layers of GRP+18K carbon silver facade. This not only makes the racket visually striking but also underscores the high-performance materials and design philosophy that HEROES brings to its 2023 collection.

The HEROES Ares Padel Racket is more than just a tool for the game; it's a professional player's ally in achieving peak performance. Whether you're serving, volleying, or smashing, the Ares provides the power, control, and durability needed to compete at the highest levels. Equip yourself with the Ares and embrace the power and precision that define professional padel.

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