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HEROES Carnival Beach Tennis Racket

HEROES Carnival Beach Tennis Racket

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Introducing the HEROES CARNIVAL Beach Tennis Racket, a vibrant tribute to the spirited collaboration between Heroes Italia and its passionate Brazilian fanbase. Crafted to accommodate a wide spectrum of players, from the seasoned expert to the dedicated regular, the CARNIVAL brings together top-tier materials and innovative design to ensure peak performance on the sand.

**Optimal Performance Blend**: At the core of the CARNIVAL's design is the fusion of Carbon15K and EVA G7, a combination that guarantees exceptional control and the power to drive the ball with intensity. This synergy allows players to dominate the game with precision strikes and powerful returns, making every match a display of skill and strength.

**Advanced Material Construction**: The deck, constructed from high-grade 15K carbon, offers a superior feel and responsiveness, enabling players to execute shots with accuracy and confidence. The 100% carbon fiber frame, with its 20mm thickness, provides a robust structure that enhances the racket's durability while maintaining a lightweight profile for agile play.

**Soft Internal Foam for Comfort**: Embedded within the racket is a layer of soft internal foam, providing a forgiving contact point that reduces vibration and impact stress on the wrist and arm. This feature ensures that players can enjoy longer sessions on the court without discomfort, focusing fully on their game strategy and execution.

**Medium Balance for Versatility**: With its medium balance, the CARNIVAL racket is expertly crafted to offer a harmonious blend of power and control. This balance makes it an adaptable tool in the hands of players, allowing for a versatile game style that can adjust to the dynamics of each match.

**Matt Surface Finish and Sandblasted Grip**: The matt surface finish not only gives the CARNIVAL a sleek and attractive appearance but also contributes to the racket's overall performance by reducing glare and enhancing grip. Additionally, the sandblasted grip provides extra handling security, ensuring that the racket stays firmly in your grasp during the most intense rallies.

**Medium-Hard Flexibility for Enhanced Power**: The medium-hard flexibility of the CARNIVAL racket is tailored for players who seek a blend of control and power in their shots. This level of flexibility allows for a significant transfer of energy to the ball, enabling forceful shots without sacrificing precision.

**Designed for Advanced Play**: Tailored for an advanced game level, the HEROES CARNIVAL Beach Tennis Racket is a testament to high-performance design. Its specifications, including a length of 50cm, a weight of 340g (+/- 10g), and a thickness of 20mm, are meticulously calibrated to meet the demands of competitive play, ensuring that advanced players can leverage the racket's features to their full advantage.

Celebrate the fusion of Italian craftsmanship and Brazilian passion with the HEROES CARNIVAL Beach Tennis Racket. Whether you're competing at a high level or striving to improve your game, the CARNIVAL offers a winning combination of control, power, and comfort, all wrapped up in a design that pays homage to a global love for the sport.


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