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HEROES Coeus Pickleball Paddle

HEROES Coeus Pickleball Paddle

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Heroes Coeus Pickleball Paddle


Elevate your pickleball game with the Heroes COEUS Pickleball Paddle, a crucial member of Heroes' diverse collection of eight meticulously crafted pickleball paddles. This paddle, designed with the burgeoning popularity of pickleball in the USA in mind, is the result of Heroes' extensive experience and innovation in paddle sports equipment. Suitable for a wide range of players, from casual to expert, the COEUS paddle embodies versatility and performance.

Key Features

Sophisticated Face Composition:

The COEUS features a unique combination of fiberglass and Aramid Honeycore, offering a perfect balance of durability and lightweight performance. This innovative construction ensures a responsive feel and increased control for precise shot-making.

Aramid / PP Honeycomb Core:

At the heart of the COEUS paddle lies the Aramid / PP Honeycomb Core, renowned for its exceptional ball response characteristics. This core provides a perfect blend of power and control, catering to the needs of advanced players.

Advanced Level Play:

Designed for advanced players, the COEUS offers an enhanced level of play. Its construction is aimed at delivering a competitive edge, allowing for dynamic and powerful gameplay.


Length: 39.3 cm – Ideal for achieving an extensive reach and effective court coverage.

Weight: 225 +/- 5 g – Carefully balanced to offer agility without sacrificing the power of strokes.

Thickness: 10 mm – Provides a robust feel and aids in executing precise shots.

Final Thoughts:

Priced at €110.00, the Heroes COEUS Pickleball Paddle is not just a piece of equipment; it's a gateway to elevating your pickleball game. Whether you're a seasoned player or an enthusiastic newcomer, the COEUS paddle aims to enhance your game, combining innovative design with practical functionality. Step onto the court with confidence and dominate the game with the Heroes COEUS Pickleball Paddle.

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