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HEROE'S GAEA Pickleball Paddle

HEROE'S GAEA Pickleball Paddle

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Heroe's Gaea Pickleball Paddle


Step into the world of serious pickleball with the Heroe's Gaea Pickleball Paddle. As an integral part of Heroes' comprehensive collection of eight pickleball paddles, the Gaea is a reflection of the brand's commitment to excellence in this rapidly growing sport. With its innovative design and the use of cutting-edge materials, Heroes caters to all players, from casual to expert, offering a paddle that adapts to every style of play.

Key Features

Premium Face Composition:

The Gaea paddle is constructed with a top-grade combination of graphite and PP Honeycomb Core. This fusion results in a paddle that is not only lightweight and durable but also offers superior control and power, allowing for a more nuanced and strategic game.

Aramid / PP Honeycomb Core:

The core of the Gaea paddle is designed to provide a unique response to ball contact. The integration of Aramid fibers, known for their strength and heat resistance, with a PP Honeycomb structure, creates a core that offers a perfect blend of strength, flexibility, and responsiveness.

Advanced Level Play:

Specifically crafted for advanced players, the Gaea paddle is designed to meet the demands of high-level play. Its balanced weight and size offer a competitive advantage, allowing for precise, powerful shots and quick, responsive defense.


Length: 39.3 cm – Ideal for players seeking a good reach and effective court coverage.

Weight: 225 +/- 5 g – A meticulously balanced weight that enhances maneuverability without compromising on the power of strokes.

Thickness: 10 mm – Ensures a robust feel in the hand, contributing to both power and control.

Final Thoughts:

Whether you're a seasoned pickleball veteran or a rising star in the sport, the Gaea paddle is designed to elevate your game. Its advanced features ensure that it can adapt to various playing styles and strategies.

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