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HEROES Kepler Beach Tennis Racket

HEROES Kepler Beach Tennis Racket

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Introducing the HEROES KEPLER Beach Tennis Racket. Developed in collaboration with the Italian professional beach tennis player Diego Bollettinari, the KEPLER racket is the successor to the acclaimed MAMBA model, designed to meet the high standards of expert and professional players. With its advanced materials and design, the KEPLER racket embodies excellence in every aspect, offering unparalleled reactivity and control on the court.

Advanced Material Composition for Peak Performance: The HEROES KEPLER features a cutting-edge Kevlar facade, known for its exceptional durability and resistance to wear. This material choice not only enhances the lifespan of the racket but also contributes to its incredible reactivity, allowing players to execute fast, powerful shots with precision.

Super Soft EVA for Unmatched Comfort: At the heart of the KEPLER racket lies a core of super soft EVA foam, providing a plush, comfortable feel upon impact. This soft internal foam reduces vibration, minimizing the risk of fatigue and injury, and ensures that players can maintain their intensity throughout the longest matches.

Optimized for Professional Play: With a thickness of 20mm and a weight of 330g (+/- 10g), the KEPLER is perfectly balanced to offer a blend of speed, control, and power that professional players demand. Its dimensions and weight distribution are meticulously calibrated to support aggressive play and precise shot-making.

Dynamic Light-Inspired Graphics: The aesthetics of the KEPLER racket are as striking as its performance. The graphics, inspired by the study of dynamic lights, not only give the racket a distinctive and attractive look but also symbolize the speed and energy that players bring to the game.

Rough Surface Finish for Enhanced Spin: The rough surface finish of the KEPLER racket is engineered to maximize ball grip, enabling players to impart more spin on their shots. This feature adds an extra layer of strategy to the game, allowing players to surprise their opponents with unpredictable spins.

Designed with Pro Insights: The collaboration with Diego Bollettinari in developing the KEPLER racket ensures that it is crafted with insights from one of the best players in the sport. This professional input guarantees that the racket meets the specific needs of advanced players, offering them a tool that can elevate their game to the highest level.

Durable and Reactive Carbon Fiber Frame: The frame of the KEPLER racket, made from carbon fiber, offers an ideal combination of durability and lightness. This ensures that the racket can withstand the rigors of competitive play while maintaining a high level of responsiveness and feel.

The HEROES KEPLER Beach Tennis Racket is more than just equipment; it's a competitive advantage for expert and professional players who demand the best. With its superior materials, design, and construction, the KEPLER racket is ready to dominate the beach tennis courts, offering players the confidence to unleash their full potential and achieve victory.

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