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SXY Blade OS Paddle Beach Tennis Racket

SXY Blade OS Paddle Beach Tennis Racket

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The SXY Blade is the first beach tennis racket to ever come close to matching the feel of an actual tennis racket with strings!  It is unreal. Tennis players that transition to beach tennis are sure to fall in love with the SXY Blade. It's exclusive & patented design features a hitting surface that is a bit over 1mm thick as opposed to 20-22mm!!

Key Features

🎾 Optimum Surface Area

With its oversized design, the SXY Blade OS provides an extra-large hitting surface that enables you to unleash your full potential. Perfect for players looking for a larger sweet spot and a bigger target. 

🎾 Aerospace-Grade Carbon Fiber Construction

Crafted from aerospace-grade carbon fiber, the SXY Blade OS is exceptionally light, allowing for swift and fluid movement. Yet, it is incredibly strong, ensuring long-lasting durability for countless matches.

🎾 Precision Core Technology

Our proprietary Precision Core Technology enhances the paddle's sweet spot, providing superior ball control for those strategic soft shots, while still delivering explosive power for smashes.

🎾 Ergonomic Grip

The customized grip of the SXY Blade OS is ergonomically designed to fit your hand perfectly. It ensures a non-slip, secure hold that will enable you to put maximum spin and control on each and every shot.

🎾 Vibrashock Dampening System

Say goodbye to arm fatigue and vibration. Our state-of-the-art Vibrashock Dampening System minimizes vibration to give you an incredibly smooth and comfortable playing experience.

🎾 UV and Saltwater Resistant

Coated with a special UV and saltwater-resistant material, this paddle is designed to withstand the harsh elements of beach play, ensuring that its look and performance remain uncompromised.

Quick Facts

  • Frame:  Carbon & Glass Fiber
  • Core/Face:  3KCarbon, SXY NanoGlass™ & SXY MicroFoam™  
  • Length:  50cm
  • Weight:  335-340g
  • Recommended for: A great paddle for advanced/amateur level players.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're an advanced player or new to beach tennis, the SXY Blade OS Paddle Beach Tennis Racket is your ultimate choice for taking your game to the next level. Get your hands on one today and prepare to be the envy of the beach court!

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